The Bad Asians Podcast

The Bad Asians Podcast is the show were hosts David Nguyen and Imran G start off talking about Asian things and slowly devolves into self indulgent thought exercises. They look to provide a safe space for honest perspectives that help expand the spectrum of what people think of Asians in America.



David Nguyen is a NYC based writer and comedian. David is a refreshingly positive voice in stand up - his act has a sharp edge but never draws blood. Preferring a gentler approach to social commentary than the foot-stomping, chest-pounding norm, his criticism is always funny and usually constructive. And with an immediately likable demeanor and a deep bag of topics from which to draw material, it is easy to see why David is one of the most dynamic young comics working today.

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Imran G is a former rocket scientist, writer and stand up comedian. He has performed at Comedy Clubs, Theaters and Festivals throughout the world, been featured on as part of their ‘Sounds like America’ segment and also hosts Space Talks: A Virtual Reality Show about Space. He hopes this is enough because Imran also hates writing about himself in the 3rd person.

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