Red Dot Collective

Red Dot Collective reflects on the activism formed from the conditions, events, and values within the Red Dot community. We've tasked ourselves to embody feminism by seeking out the voices of the unheard and the experiences of the undeserved; empowering our community and challenging them to break from the traditional definition of womanhood. We aim to evolve the Red Dot experience.

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Eva Woolridge is a black, queer Queen and host of The Red Dot Collective. Woolridge has always scuffed at the idea of people saying periods are not "lady-like" to discuss and a topic only "females" know first hand, and so decided to provide a platform bleak perception of the period by giving all who menstruates the chance to speak their truth. She believes that comedy and art is the best combination to spread the message to embrace the period...even if you absolutely hate yours.

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